A cheap home made spray booth.

It wont get much simpler than this, a storage bin with lid for around $10 and I used a recycled exhaust fan with a speed controller.

It's pretty straight forward, It needs the speed controller because its just to fast without it, fast is good when cleaning up but to much draft when spraying.

I have old windows that I pull down and it holds the box firmly in place.


Not only is it a great spray booth but a board with legs to hold it just above the fan and it serves as storage and somewhere to let parts dry with the lid on.

The speed controller was $4 delivered from Ebay. You could use just about anything to make something like this.

The clear plastic allows plenty of light and you could put a filter over the grill if you wanted.

I used a jigsaw to cut the hole but you have to be very careful or it could split.



This works for me extremely well, you will probably have to adapt your box to suit your work space but this is a good cheap guideline.

With using a few bits laying around all I bought was the box and controller, less than $20.

Good Luck and have fun.