Alclad 2 and Model Master Metalizers.

Well I have read much about metalizers and thought I would do a few tests with various primers for the Alclad 2 and compare them to MM Metalizer. As you probably know, MM metalizer has to be sprayed on bare plastic which is quick and simple but limits you a bit. Alclad needs a primer which makes painting a lot longer but the various colours of primer can change the final shade. The three primers I tried are the Alclad Grey primer, Humbrol gloss black enamel and Humbrol Clear, all used as per the instructions with the same HP.C Plus used for all spraying. A picture is worth a thousand words they say so here are a few to compare what they look like.

This is Alclad 2 polished aluminium, on the left is Humbrol clear for a primer and gloss black on the right, although the photo's are not great you can see that the black is a deeper shine and looks very nice. Detail stands out a fair bit more with black than with clear.

It's a little clearer on this photo.

Now this is Alclad 2 Aluminium (101) on the left over black gloss and MM buffing aluminium on the right, the finishes are both pretty good but the Alclad is better but once again the detail is much more noticeable with the black primer.

A closer view.

All four together, if you can right click and save the image you should get the full size version.


These two are done with Humbrol clear (bottom) and the Alclad Grey primer. Humbrol clear is self leveling and works as good as the Grey primer but has a better sheen to it in my opinion.

Again a closer view, quite a difference.

Here they are all together. The Humbrol clear is a great primer and between them all you can vary the shade of your favorite alclad. Although there is no picture of it, I sprayed 101 on bare plastic and it worked just as well as Model Master but every little imperfection showed up badly as you would expect but it stuck well.

I hope this has helped someone with a decision on what to use, I was always a MM quick and easy bloke but after playing with just these bits I'm converted to a Alclad and primer user.