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SSTV images are uploaded automatically from 14.230.



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EasyPal live pics when ON-AIR, does auto-refresh when new picture uploads


Digital SSTV images are uploaded from

80 (3.643 has been active lately) or 40m, normaly 7.173.


Thanks to Erik, VK4AES for his help on this.


SSTV Disclaimer: If a ham decides to send a photo with nudity, I may not be able to stop the image from being posted. Hopefully this won't happen very often at all. The responsibility rests entirely at the station which transmits such pictures.

VK2BH Nana Glen NSW Australia 153E 30S

Nana Glen is about 25km NW of Coffs Harbour and and 60km south of Grafton.



The Gap challenger is a fantastic antenna. Gap site

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